Leaking Taps

Bow Bowing Plumbing Services knows in these times of Covid/ corona Viruses need to have Hygiene as a number one priority in a buiness and we strive to help give you the best demestic and Commercial help in keeping your Hygiene at a high standard.

We can help with Time flow taps, Knee Taps, Automatic taps that will give you a great clean when you need it.

Leaking taps, as you know with increases in population and with our precious water supply we need to do our best in regards to saving water.

A Water Meter is one way to help show you how much water you use or if you have a leaking tap.

Just walk to your front yard, expose your meter and remember keep plants and grass away from the Meter to allow access to allow a read of the meter to find if water is getting used or not.

This should be done by all home owners once a month so you are not hit with a large water bill.

Your TAPS are an important part of your Home as the Climate with CORONA/ COVID always around keeping clean by washing hand and all parts in shower/ bath is a very important way of life.

So please if you see a leaking tap in your home Basin, Bath, Shower, Laundry, Kitchen and outside taps, call us today for prompt service, solid advice, and the very best outcomes at the best prices possible.