Blocked Drains Campbelltown

Bow Bowing Plumbing are blockage specialists, we deal with blocked drains on a daily basis and our experience and knowledge in this area of plumbing allows us to quickly identify the cause of your blockage and provide a fast and effective solution to your blocked drain. 

Due to the age of many local properties around Campbelltown and Camden, it is very common that pipes will at some point become blocked. The cause of blocked drains come in many ways and we have seen it all, from a Child’s toy to the deodoriser on the side of the toilet Bowl and to just plain old broken pipes.

Blocked Drain Plumber Campbelltown

One of the most common problems is a blocked drain caused from tree roots. Often tree roots are attracted to the source of water and depending on the tree species it will grow at great lengths to gain access to the water source. Damaging and obstructing pipes in the process. Another common problem is hair getting stuck and causing a blockage. You will be surprised at just how common hair blockages are in domestic house hold drains. 

If you find that your blocked drain is more of an isolated issue you may want to try pouring some boiling hot water down the drain, then follow it with a cup of bicarbonate soda and a cup of vinegar. Leave it for ten minutes then pour some more boiling hot water down the drain. Avoid pouring harmful chemicals down the drain as these have environmental consequences.

We Clear Blocked Drains 

Our team have special equipment that we deploy to identify the source of the blockage and then clear it.  You might have heard of these before and are often called an Electric eel or water jet. These powerful tools are able to clear the toughest of blockages. Using a camera we are able to inspect and ensure the drain is clean and free of debris after the work has been done.

Bow Bowing plumbing have over 40 years experience in clearing blocked drains and we guarantee that 99% of the time we can fix the problem with minimal interruption and stress. If you’ve got a blocked drain in Campbelltown, Camden or neighboring area we can generally guarantee same day service. 

Some of the top 5 common places you will find blocked drains

  • Blocked Kitchen Drain
  • Blocked Sewage Pipe
  • Blocked Shower Drain
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Blocked down pipes 

In this new climate of CORONA VIRUS / Covid 19, it is important that plumbing is kept clean and allowed to flow to help stop the spread. Our team are vaccinated and follow a Covid 19 safety plan to ensure we protect both you and our team. 

BOW BOWING PLUMBING can do the job and leave it as clean as possible to help stop the spread of these and other VIRUSES and sicknesses.

Bow Bowing Plumbing are always keeping up with new ideas and new ways of doing blocked drains to help in keeping our costs to a minimum this is why we take time to camera areas on request and to give the best fix possible in stopping anymore BLOCKED DRAINS.